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Media Reviews
Category: Media Reviews
Thursday, February 21st, 2002 @ 10:22 am
Posted By Brent
Its a shame that if you dressed like this today, you'd be a 42-year-old virgin.
I saw Brotherhood of the Wolf a couple of days ago, and alls I gots to say is "Goddamn". That is one big raging boner of a movie if I've ever seen one. Its in French, which unfortunately probably means that the French made it, but it survives this shame and outshines its origins.

I don't want to give the plot away, seeming as the only knowledge I walked into the theatre with was the statement Tycho from Penny Arcade made about the movie: "...our protagonists are ordered by the King to kick ass, look cool, and to shmoove it up wit the ladies." I have to tell you, going to see a movie with that little amount of knowledge is akin to jumping off a cliff and just hoping that someone forgot their giant air mattress in the canyon below. Especially a foreign movie. With subtitles. Made by the French.

But as life is known to throw a curve ball my way from time to time, and surprises being more memorable than already knowing the quality, the movie actually turned out being pretty damned bad ass across the board. Action: Check, Story: Check, Boobies: Check, BadAss Camera work: Check. I got so involved in fact, that after action sequences (with no dialogue) I would be confused when they would start talking in French again because I had absorbed so much of the movie that I guess my brain thought it was in english.

There is one point of compunction, however. A few of my friends (and you know who you are) are unable to suspend disbelief in a few key subjects long enough to ever enjoy this movie. So to them I would say: Sucks to be you. You're going to miss out on some pretty cool shiznit.

All in all it was definitely worth the six bucks for the ticket, so if you've got the means, I definitely recommend catching this one. Sorry to be scant on the details, but as I said before, I think my lack of knowledge about the story added to the enjoyment.

( Y ) ( Y ) ( Y ) ( Y
3.5 out of 4 Asses


Category: Media Reviews
Monday, January 14th, 2002 @ 02:57 pm
Posted By Brent
Huggy Bear: The quintessential man of the 70's
Well, I figured enough time had passed since I last had an update that meandered anywhere near the subject of movies, so now's as good a time as any to blurb up some info.

I'm guessing from by adding the subject matter of this post with the picture of Huggy up there, you've probably figured out I was going to be saying something about the Starsky & Hutch movie that's currently in pre-production (read: people are still asking for more money before they sign anything). From what I've read so far, Ben Stiller will be playing Starsky, with Hutch going to either Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson. By far, the coolest cast announcement is the big push from the production company to try to get Snoop Dogg to play Huggy Bear. That would be a sight to behold, especially if the rumors are true, and their going to try to make it set in the 70's.

At the least, its ten times cooler than DMX playing the superhero of all fat, antisocial teenagers that like to wear makeup.

Of course, one of the original guys (don't remember which one) is bitching on about how it should have the original cast, and be a "fitting and final legacy of Starsky and Hutch." SNORE. What a fag.

Not much has happened in the Bruce Campbell universe lately, and I can't seem to find any more information about the "Mystery Project" that he, Raimi and Tapert discussed. There is, however, news about Bubba Ho-Tep, a movie in which he plays an elderly Elvis (the real Elvis), living in an old folks home, trying to rid it of a evil mummy or some shit. Don't really know what to say about that one. Here's Ain't it Cool News' take on the project.

Me and Ian were talking a couple weeks ago, and I brought up the idea (because I come up with all the good ones) that somebody should make a live-action PowerPuff girls movie. Well guess what: Nobody's making one. There is, however, going to be a turd of an animated one you can read about here. Bleah.

Well, that's about it. Here's some of the ubiquitous movie info:
  • Matrix Sequel: Still chugging along after the death of two central characters halfway through production (Aliyahayahaia or whatever, and the old hag that played the Oracle). And if you haven't seen, which I hadn't, there's some 'stand alone' mini-graphic-novels at the Matrix website that are pretty kick ass.
  • The Terminator: As if it isn't bad enough that its going to happen without Cameron's approval, they're already planning to make a fourth one. Sheesh. I'll still probably go see them.


3, 2, 1.... LET'S JAM!
Category: Media Reviews
Tuesday, November 20th, 2001 @ 01:21 am
so, i managed to totally flake out on drinkin' with glitch and fixing annie this weekend and for that i am sorry. if i couldn't take care of responsibility i should have at least been able to piss away few more neurons. shameful, yes.

but nowhere near as shameful as the pits of dorkitude i found myself in last night. what happened? i thought you'd never ask.

see, like six months or so ago i became aware of a little anime series with an interesting name. when i'd see dvd's of it sitting on shelves at hastings', i noticed that the cover artwork was rather stylish but i wasn't going to be fooled by that. there's far too much crappy anime out there hiding behind interesting names and cool cover art. but then a friend of mine passed me an mp3 of a song from the soundtrack of this series and i was definitely intrigued. it was... stylish. kind of jazzy. not shit. and it seemed strange that what i saw on the cases and what was coming through my speakers could both be so similar. so one night a dvd gets rented and mister fix (*ahem*) and miss a and i got turned on to COWBOY BEBOP.

over the next month or so we rented a few of these discs and they were probably some of the only things we could all whole-heartedly enjoy together. the drawing was good. the animation was good. the voice acting, scripting, music, plotline, and everything was good good good. then right before i left montucky adult swim started and renting wasn't necessary. the goodship bebop was going to be coming into some room i'd be sitting in every sunday and thursday night. so i get to new orleans and turn on glitch and girlygirl and adult swim becomes a sunday night institution. at first glitch seems a little doubtful as to how good yet another anime can be but it doesn't take long for all that good to set its hooks in and just last weekend we found ourselves getting called on how sad we were for discussing which characters we wanted to grow up to be. (thanks, pusher.) (and i still maintain that it's not gay to think ed's cool.) (well, not any gayer than liking the powerpuff girls.) (on second thought, fuck you.)

well, last night topped it. they aired the first part of the two-episode grand finale of the show and i can honestly say i haven't been so emotionally impacted by a tv show in a long time. not just a tv show, but a japanese cartoon. so i'm really and truly a dork. first day of the rest of my life and stuff.

see you space cowboy...


Category: Media Reviews
Wednesday, November 7th, 2001 @ 12:13 am
Posted By Brent
So, we missed out on Halloween, I'm sure Ian is pissed at me because he got stuck here. He knew I gave him a high probability that I was sticking at home that night, so he can't bitch at me. From what I hear, I didn't miss much, although John gives varying stories.

Movies: I'm sure we all know that the 'teaser' for episode 2 is out. Big whoop. Gonna blow balls. How could it not with a name like 'Attack of the [Mother-fucking] Clones'? Jesus, I can smell the gorganzola from here.

Ain't it Cool News had a blurb (all I saw was the headline before the site died) on the front page about 'Army of Darkness 4' or someshit. Having trouble pulling up the page, but I'm still trying even while writting this. [Real Time Posting follows:] Ok, found the link, waiting for it to respond... Page Cannot be Displayed, reload time... [insert Jeopardy tick tock theme]... Same. Shit. GOT IT! Here's the main meat:

Tapert [known mostly from his Xena work with Raimi] said, "Well, I've sort of been authorized to make some sort of statement... and Sam, Bruce and I want to make a good, old fashioned independent film. Sam directing, Bruce starring. Whether or not that will be an Evil Dead sequel, I don't know if any of us know that. But this project is something we are definately moving forward with."

Fuckin' A! God I hope something comes of this.

On a David Lynchish note, I read on CHUD [Cinamatic Happenings in Developement, a semi-daily of Ian's] this Lynch-style true story contest about the Bindleton Family Circus. Damn. I had no idea they were that fucked up. Most of what I know of them is from some Learning Channel show about contortionists where they followed a kid who traveled with them for a while. Wacky stuff. Worth the 3 minute read.

Not sure if this is movie related but, if your wondering where the title of this post and the title of Ian's previous post comes from, check this out. Good stuff for all. And of course I couldn't mention movies with out mentioning that

My Rocket is Made from Pure Carbon and I Smash Through Planets!!!

In the words of the AWOL Fix, 'That is all'.


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