The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.

-General George S. Patton
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Category: Misc
Sunday, November 26th, 2000 @ 05:07 pm
Posted By Brent
      I'm supposed to hear about the job at the beginning of this week, so wish me luck. I guess I'll call in a little bit and try to find out but who knows.

      Ok, enough about me, lemme start a'linking.

      I'm basically throwing this one up for John. There's a site, Movie Quote Quiz, that has all these quizes on movie quotes divided into a few catagories: action, comedy, etc.... Well, I know me and John go back and forth on movie quotes all the time, so I thought I'd throw this one up there and see where it falls with you homos.

      Another tasty little morsel that I visit quite often is The God and Devil Show. Its like a Regis and Cathy Lee type talk show format, except with God and The Devil as the hosts and they grill an eclectic melange of celebrities ranging from Ron Jeremy to Martha Stewert to Marylin Manson. Good stuff all around.

      The best thing about this is the use of the term 'She also developed dragging sensation'. Um, no shit, she has a cannon ball hanging from Ms. Muffin.

      Well, this may be old news, or it may be a joke, but according to 'The Script' (in quotes cause like I said, I don't know if its a joke) to the Matrix's sequel on this site, the entire first movie happened inside of the construct to test Neo. How gay.(Update: guess I should have read the thing a little more, scott has informed me that its a joke)

      On the lighter side of things, I stumbled onto Dare for dollars, where 3 chicks try to stay on a mechanical bull the longest wearing whipped cream bikinis. You don't really get any good shot of em naked but it still kinda gives me a b0n3r.       I apologize for not having anything too entertaining this post, so here's a little treat from my personal stash:

Silver 1 - Silver 2 - Silver 3 - Silver 4 - Silver 4 - Silver 5 - Silver 6 - Silver 7 - Silver 8 - Silver 9 - Silver 10 - Silver 11


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