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Category: Misc
Thursday, April 26th, 2001 @ 10:35 pm
Posted By Brent
Hody hody hody ho! Its another birthday celebration at glitch13.com!


On a side note, we've found another victim of the dreaded Vulva Pump!

K, time to start the drinking, this is the end of this public service annoucement.


Category: Misc
Tuesday, April 24th, 2001 @ 04:59 am
Posted By mr.fix
i ran out of words about 30 minutes into the picture to the left...it's a priceless(i think) depiction of J.C.'s first un-birthday party. i am also including a graphic depiction of the pressure that i feel as i type these words...if you look in the back ground there are masses of htmangels looking scornfully as i pose in my most homoerotic out fit...that means no shirt and a cowboy hat, for you folks that may be out of the Al Pacino fan club at the moment. i mean, i watched about 20-30 minutes of Big Gay Al playing a cop who wasnt gay in the begining of the movie , then, with recless abandon, delves into the chicago gay scene, to catch a gay killer...and gay gay gay lubricated fisting in bars chaps and no pants and...well i'll stop there 'cuz by the time i had had enough of Al turning into one of those faggot ass mother fucker's from the band TURBONEGRO . he wasn't Scar Face any more, he was breaking up with his woman and getting tied up by dudes and...hell i gotta go to bed...the strain of remembering all of this is draining my magical powers of creative wizardry. that is all...

"Rock over London, Rock on Chicago"


Category: Misc
Wednesday, April 18th, 2001 @ 08:06 pm
Posted By Brent

i have seen it.
"what?" you might ask.

On an unrelated note; John, you trained me so well, sometimes it physically hurts to work where I do.


Category: Misc
Tuesday, April 17th, 2001 @ 10:18 am
Posted By Brent
Well, I'm thinking its about time to reboot the server, it seems to be dragging ass lately. But, hey, its only a frigging K5 with 32MB of ram running Win2K for chrissakes, with that said, its a fucking speed demon that leaves those little Back to the Future fire trails behind it.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: Ian should be getting in town sometime today; though he'll probably being doing the family thing for today and most of tommorow, so I probably won't speak to him till then, besides the fact that I no longer have his parent's number. I guess if you're in town and reading this, email or icq me, dick.

'Till later.

(UPDATE) I suppose I aught to leave all of you wonderful viewers with a couple of fun stuffs before I close this update, seeming as the bulk of it is boring and meaningless to most of you.

I found out I was born on the same day as Ho Chi Minh, A Pope, and Malcom X; Whoopee! There's some little drop down boxes so you can bring up your own birthday, and of course I'm sure if you have half a brain in your head you can figure out how to alter the url to satisfaction.

I don't think I ever linked to NosePilot before, but I should have. It's one of those dreamy sort of soma induced flash animations that last for hours it seems. The reason I'm bringing it up now is because its no longer at Nosepilot.com; Jason told me that due to it's sort of underground popularity (and immense size) the guy that ran it got slapped with a huge bandwidth bill. Hrmph, sucks to be him.

Its so funny, just the other day I was wondering how cool it would be to get one of those electric race car tracks that I had when I was a kid, now I don't even have to pay! w00t!


Category: Misc
Thursday, April 12th, 2001 @ 09:48 pm
Posted By Brent
Well, its been way too long since an update around these parts. But, you know, its not just my fault. This is a community based web site, we need a little give and take around here to keep things running smoothly. What do I mean? Well, post a comment, make fun of Feasty for being stuck in Dallas again. Shit, email me and ask to be a writer yourself, I don't give a shit.

Man, I need some excitement in my life around here, maybe some lesbians or some new furniture, anything to break up the monotony of being in the grind of wake-work-home-drunk-sleep-repeat.

I have to say I'm quite surprised that none of you thanked me for the silver body paint series a couple of posts ago, I thought that shit rocked. Oh well, I suppose some of you prefer some more traditional beauty (here ya go John), but there must be some of you out that that like crazy, aesthetically pleasing hot chicks, or at the very least, plain ole good asses. Shees, gimme some feedback here people.

So, how shall I end this wonderfull post? I have a three day weekend ahead of me, and I'm looking forward to spending it completely bent off my ass, which will be starting as soon as I finish this and go get some Jackie D and his friend CC. Okay, so that was a horrible failure of trying to create a subculture reference to Jack and Coke, hrmph, sounded more like a couple of gay guys, whatever.

Catch ya on the flip side holmes.


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