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Category: Misc
Tuesday, May 15th, 2001 @ 08:39 pm
Posted By Brent
I was thinking today, mainly about how I have no willpower. I can't stop cramming food in my face, I can keep up an exersize regiment for over two weeks, can't stop smoking, can't stop drinking, can't stop bringing little boys home.

It was about then that I realized why I love programming so much. Its because I don't need willpower to excel in it. Its not one of those things that I have to force myself to sit down and read a book to learn, I have a natural curiosity in it, and I pretty much absorb everything that is taught to me (or I research) with my brain mainly on autopilot. I don't know whether I'm just trained well in it, or its a natural talent, or maybe its just like that for everyone.

Well that enough of the seriousness. My birthday is coming up, so you bess recognize biatch! The spider monkey is still in my hope chest, but I doubt any of you fucko's like me that much. And after all I've done for you. Hrmph.

For a good time, check out ChiselBrain and download you very own copy of Pencil Whipped. That looks like that 'Take on Me' video from the early 80's vs. a heavy dose of acid. Much fun indeed.

UPDATE: I've realized that I'm so good at programming because I'm super human. As a side note to this, I've also realized that I can melt metal with this cool heat-ray vision I have too. And its Fix's turn to come up with a new poll.


Category: Misc
Sunday, May 13th, 2001 @ 10:16 pm
in celebration of what seems to be what i can only term my own personal black history month, i'm going to make everyone smile and be happy and let y'all know about yet another comic you can see on the internet. (hell, maybe the t-p has it in print. probably more of a target market for it there than here in great falls.) anyway, the art's damned cool. the writing is good. and the jokes are actually funny. so everyone needs to go check out the boondocks and then come back here and break my balls about my dirty hippie ways.

also, i've got to apologize for knocking that golden fish head yet another notch down. check the forum index and you'll see what i mean.

one more thing and i think i'll be through with y'all's attention spans for the time being- big props to girlygirl for sitting in front of the webcam in what appears to be the same pose for more than 24 hours. she's like some sort of zen master or something i guess. unless the cam's just not updating.


Category: Misc
Wednesday, May 9th, 2001 @ 06:30 pm
Posted By Brent
Well, apparently the site survived and all the patching and shit worked, whew. Anyways, let me apologize to two of my cohorts for 'bumping' their posts in order to get mine back to the top. I just wanted to see if the fucker would response. Hell, he probably figures there's a hit log on the site so he never even came here, guess he never heard of the anonymizer. Anywho, just dropping in to spout some wack wisdom and give the nod for more posting. And another thing, both of you all's shit is getting kinda train-of-thoughtish, not that its not funny or anything (I nearly pissed myself when I saw the budda picture), but try to stitch it up into a complete thought before you shit it out up here. Or hell, maybe you both were just drunk outta your gourd, but I doubt I'm alone in thinking that "i post on g13 and i'm in the goldammmed air fizzorce, bringing wit and nucular distrukto to the wide world web!" and "i'm not alone in thinking cake is a sexy VooDoo mind FUK party!" is funny, but extremely hard to follow.

HA HA! I never thought I'd get to chatise good friends in front of all 10 of you that read this! Having a website if supa-cool fun! But anyway, like I said before, I could give two shits about what you post, its just a mere suggestion.

On to the meat:

On a more cynical and conservative side (a side which a have a great deal in common with), read this little diatribe about 'liberal conspiracies' and such. I put that in quotes because I don't actually beleive any of it is 'conspiracy', but it does exist, and it exists because of liberals.

Well, sorry for making you do so much of that 'reading' thing to extract any humor out of this post, but hey, fuck you.


Category: Misc
Tuesday, May 8th, 2001 @ 09:00 am
Posted By Brent
"Nobody would be interested in a piddly ass website that serves little to no practical purpose" I said to myself when I first setup this webserver. "If anyone ever did get in, the thing is so slow they would probably get annoyed and bail after five minutes" I thought when the buffer overflow exploit hit the security websites a little under a week ago. So I never paid much attention to security, and I never patched this week. For Shame.

For those of you who didn't hit my website for most of today, here's the story: I got hacked. Well, more like cracked if you want to be one of those cyber-geek elitists that prey on semantics. For most of today, starting at around 2 o'clock as far as I can see, someone 'rooted' my shit and changed the webpage with their 'social message' about the state of our country. If you missed it, take a gander. Judging from the email address, red font (dead giveaway of a commie pinko bastard), and flagrant abuse of grammar while using insults, I can only guess that this originated from China. It just smacks of a baby killing, citizen oppressing, eternal life ring making Chinese zealot; that or a 15-year-old script kiddie from the above stated country getting his kicks knocking over the weakest webserver this side of the Mason Dixon line (either of which get the shit end of my utmost animosity).

But this is not a time for long faces, nay, it is a time for celebration, a time for awarding a person's hard work and determination. Here I grant you, little impotent man living half-way around the world from me, the highest (and only) of all Chinese honors we give out here at glitch13.com,


May you rot in hell along with all of your fellow evil countrymen. Oh yea, you better hurry up with that ballistics technology before we build the missle shield, we wouldn't want to see your country glowing for the next thousand years, now would we?

With all that being said, who ever it was will probably knock the server over again; I patched and shit, but I'm no networking guru by any stretch of the imagination.



Category: Misc
Tuesday, May 8th, 2001 @ 06:23 am
Posted By mr.fix
i'm not alone in thinking cake is a sexy VooDoo mind FUK party!
(add some thing in the style of H4X0r fag speak!!! like 1 0wn j00t)
remember those things that you could not get off yer fingers?(...from china)
i did...and then i found this thing...it's used for cake
and sex...

the point is i tried to interview ian the trogydae and it got all fucked up 'cuz he's all retarded and so if you want to be interviewed by me
(chinese kid if you are listening) post in the comments and i will e-mail you via e-mail and kick yer ass in a verbal bout of kicking yer ass! and then i will post it here for the world to be amazed with!!! ...i just thought of who i may interview...my boss from work...
he will come here tommorow, but then again...that may be some thing for "mein kampf"
this is all and i hate you all...if any of this happens i may not be as fuckin' crazy as i thi...you all think!!!
that is all


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