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Category: Misc
Wednesday, December 13th, 2000 @ 07:01 pm
Posted By Brent
I got to thinking today, why are there like five billion cool 'themes' for the desktop under Linux, but everthing like that for Windows is either a Cartman from South Park 'My Computer' icon, or just plain sucks? There has to be somebody, somewhere, making cool looking shit for Windows. There just has to.

Well, I'm here to tell you there are, but they are very few, and extremely hard to find. My icons displayed up there (you can click the image to get a shot of my whole desktop) were snagged from DotStudio, and they have a few other icon packs of similar coolness, they even have mouse cursors, and a few other things I think, for Windows. Their site, unfortunately, suffers from too much design, too little intutiveness. To get to the goods I speak of, go to data files, then, real small, hiding in the top right corner of the page is the icons, cursors, etc. menu. Have a ball.

The wallpaper is one for a desktop theme for Linux (can't remember who did it, but you can find it at Themes.org, which has an assload of cool stuff for linux desktops), and I had to find a full sized screenshot of it, then dice it into a bmp to make a Windows background for it. I'm not going to distribute it because it ain't mine, and all it did was chop it up and display it (with out even knowing who the author was! I'm going to hell!).

Speaking of the Linux desktop shit, and how easy it is to customize it, I've found a site that makes something or another (I'm not advocating it right now, cause I have yet to see it in action, so use at your own risk) that gives you the ability to customize your desktop in Windows. The site is called Stardock, and the application or whatever it is, is called WindowBlinds (how witty). (Update: WindowBlinds only allows you to change the graphics of standard windows graphics, still damned cool, but the same company's product, DesktopX, is the one that will let you actually customize your desktop, check out the themes link on that page for some eye-candy). If anyone uses this thing, or decides to try it after reading this, drop me a line in the comments for this article.

Anywho, onto other things. The Smoking Gun has a list of different pop stars' tours' Technical Riders. These are the little packets that the tour director gives to the place that a show will happen listing all the demands the 'artist' needs, be it what foods in the dressing room, furniture, etc. It seems that Brittany Spears needed Fruit Loops during her tour last year, but the on for the Backstreet Boys made no mention of the liberal amount of K-Y one would think they need. Hrm, maybe they're so stretched by now its not a neccesity anymore. Saw that one on StileProject.

K, I'm out, I'll see you fruits later.


Category: Misc
Tuesday, December 12th, 2000 @ 01:48 pm
Posted By Brent
Well, through a complicated technical process pictured at the left there, I was able to fool a celebrity into thinking I was a reporter for Rolling Stone Magazine, and got him to agree to do an interview with me. So here we go folks, Indistinguishable Filth's first Celebrity Interview with Micheal Stipe of R.E.M.!

I.F.: So, why do you always look like you have AIDS?

Micheal Stipe: *CLICK*. If you'd like to make a call, please try again, or hang up and dial your operator...

Well, he was quite guarded during this interview, and I really didn't understand that last part about the operator, but I guess geniuses aren't always easy to understand.

Anywho, to continue with the post and keep you bastards up to par with all the shiznit that I find cool, I will digress.

I found Lobo flash cartoons on Warner Brother's site (I had no idea that such a wholesome company would have much to do with this). You can check that out here. Now, I've read quite a bit of Lobo as a kid, but I still have no idea why he can get his ass blown off in every issue and not die. Was this ever addressed or is it just through the magic of the illustrated world that the writers can have this kind of fun, so they go ahead and indulge it? Leave a comment if you know the answer to that one.

As for sites I spend more time than I should on (i.e. wasting assloads of my time), I hang out at NewGrounds quite a bit, and I spend way to much time vegging out at Useless Knowledge.

And if you'd like to know where I don't spend my time, check out EvilLand. Go to it and you'll know what it's like have an icepick driven into your temple while a homeless man pees on you. Well, that's it for this update, and John, you'll never get r3w7 0n my b0x0rz! so quit trying.

Quick Update: if anyone knows a way to normalize your mp3 playlist (i.e. a Winamp plug-in or something) so I don't have to constantly be fiddling with my volume, drop a comment below.


Category: Misc
Monday, December 11th, 2000 @ 11:55 pm
Posted By Brent
Ahhh, Silvia. How much do I love thee? Hrmm, not much I guess, but you're still pretty fucking hot. I have quite a few friends who don't understand my facination with her (I think they're gay). I mean, sure, she's not a traditional beauty, and she has a forehead that you could show movies on, but hey, I can't get over whatever it is about her. I have quite a collection of her 'work', maybe one day I'll share, but I'm to impatient to go and link all that shiznit at the moment.

Well, as far as the site is going, I have cookies on the commenting system, so you'll only have to enter that info (name, email, webpage) once. And please remember that the email and webpage on it are optional, and it won't display blank fields if you leave it blank, it'll just leave it out totally (so stop filling the email and page with bullshit people).

Well xerxes is buggin me to play Tron with him, so I guess I'm out for now. Talk to you homo's later.

Oh yeah, go check out John's Daily Anger for a little peek into how much he hates the world (it's pretty much all about politics for the time being; understandable).


Category: Misc
Sunday, December 10th, 2000 @ 09:47 pm
Posted By xerxes7
oh, you probably see a different one now. oops.

anyway, that is not why i came to talk today. i came to say hello and say that it is verrrrrry cold outside here in montucky. it is below the zero mark on the temperature clock that we have on the porch and there is snow everywhere. you know what that means?

YES! christmas will be here soon soon soon. that means it is time to say HO HO HO!!! what will i get for a prize this year? nothing, because i was bad and drank alot. and mister fix says i touched myself, too. duh, mister fix! i touch myself all the time. how else am i supposed to take a shower?

maybe i can be good and wash the dishes and not watch so much tv. oh, i just saw two good things on tv. one was a lady dressed like a cowboy and she was dancing and she looked good. but now glitch13 will be mad because he hates that lady. and the other thing i saw was a movie called electric dreams. it was about a smart computer who makes music and has a party. my computer can make music, too. maybe i can have my own movie.

and it will have people drinking and touching themselves all the time.

bye bye


Category: Misc
Saturday, December 9th, 2000 @ 01:44 am
Posted By Brent
According to this article on CNN, this homley little fellow pictured to the left there, will be the first 'psuedo-cyborg'. I say 'psuedo' because he's not actually replacing any major organs (or anything really useful for that matter) with silicon. Here's a blurb from it:

READING, England (CNN) -- This summer, a professor plans to take a step closer to becoming a cyborg -- part human, part computer -- by implanting a silicon chip that communicates with his brain.

Jesus Christ! Are we gonna let this Gomer Pyle look-a-like go down in history as the champion of the human race's silicon/flesh union? We'll be the laughing stock of the universe when this shit gets out.

Now lemme explain the CDDB for the uninitiated. You ever pop a cd into your computer and magically it retrieves the artist, album name, and all the song names? That was your CD playing software contacting the CDDB. Now, a while ago these guys started charging a fee (to the people who write the CD software, not you) for using their service. Cool, whatever, way it goes, its their company. Of course, right after this about 5 different free, open source projects opened with the same purpose (BUT FOR FREE!). Way it goes. Tuff shit. Now, thanks to the bull shit patent laws, all of these free versions must be shut down because the CDDB has a patent on the round about 'Method and system for finding approximate matches in a database.' Well golly seargent! I never knew! This aught to shutdown every search engine on the internet! I think I'm going to patent the 'Method and system for kinda doing something with somekind of computing hardware which results in some sort of output.' Cool, eh?

Sheesh. Anywho, as far as this site goes, the commenting system for each news update seems to be working fine. Also, you may or may not notice that I've changed some font colors around a bit to sort of 'go' with the general color scheme of the site a bit more. Oh yea, the random quote generator is up, its at the top of the page above the news title (so start entering quotes, writers!).

The cyborg story was swiped from DotCult.com.
The CDDB story was swindiggled from Slashdot.

Both were stolen with love. If I've misconstrued anything, drop a line in the comments for this article.


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