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Category: Misc
Tuesday, May 8th, 2001 @ 05:38 am
looks like ol' glitch is big enough to garner the attention of those amazing chinese whiz kids spreading the gospel truth of their political somethinrg or other. hey you know hwat? i'm drunk and tired and not on myh computer so this keybaord feels funny and i'm not gonna bother correctying any of my tuypos.

yay for me, motherfuckersssss!

damn, now i'm so insanely proud to be part of these two organizations that are the nvey of them poobutts. i post on g13 and i'm in the goldammmed air fizzorce, bringing wit and nucular distrukto to the wide world web! huzzah- pass the whiskey!!!


Category: Misc
Tuesday, May 8th, 2001 @ 01:17 am
Posted By mr.fix

!for foo!
...and the chilren of china and you!

this is a picture that i made. you will like it or your money back please remember that i have two hooks for hands and drink heavily!!
that is all!
please remember me in your prayers!!
thank you!


Category: Misc
Sunday, May 6th, 2001 @ 01:41 am
okay, it's been like a week since i've gotten back from new orleans so i should probably go ahead and post something in order to remain present and also just say thanks for putting up with all my trash talking while i was there. so uhhh... thanks to glitch13 and girlygirl and spiderwoman and feastie and pusher and all sorts of other people i spent time with and met but who don't have funny little aliases that i can think of right now. oh, and ed. i had a really swell time and you all helped it happen in varying degrees and so you're all invited up here for a barbecue next weekend.

now onto other topics, somewhat related.

even though i spent the last night before the trip frantically trying to throw a video together to show people back home, i managed to forget to bring my damned camcorder with me. and also forgot to bring a camera. and also never thought to buy a disposable one while i was there. however, my dad let me use his digital and occasionally i'd remember the fact and so he's in the process of e-mailing what little was taken to me. enough with the words, here's what we've got so far.

here's a pic taken of the spread when we had berled crabs over at my aunt jo's place. i know none of y'all down there really are astounded by this sight because you've all seen it occasionally. this is more for the benefit of mister fix and miss a. and also for their benefit i'll add this commentary: yes miss a, they were very good. and yes mister fix, looking at this picture helps me understand why you don't like seafood.

now, here's one that i'm sure will be of interest to just about every single one of you. this is the home of none other than fats domino out in tha nint'. in case you think i'm making this up, just check the picture again. it clearly shows FD on the front of the house. i'd have gotten a better pic but i didn't want that security guy sitting on the porch to make a call that would have resulted in me and my dad getting shot up. so that's all you get. i think it's cool that fats kept living in his neighborhood even after he made his money unlike some modern musical types hailing from the 504. granted, he had to implement a few changes around the house (i can't think of how many cameras i saw hanging on the outside of that place) in the name of security, but he stayed there and i just think that's kind of cool.

okay, that's it for pics right now and probably most of your attention spans as well, so i'll wrap this up. while i was flying i read Catch 22. Everyone needs to read that book. especially all y'all saying you like fight club so much. it's not really the same thing as fight club, but it somehow relates with that nihilistic view of things and is just generally really good. so that means read it now.

also, found this link tonight and figured since people seem to be linking to band sites lately i'd continue the trend and offer one up as well. and that concludes this overdue news update.


Category: Misc
Friday, May 4th, 2001 @ 10:02 pm
Posted By Brent

So, just about everybody I know is jumping on this bandwagon, but here's the deal: I get 40 unique hits on that banner there, and according to this prophet of eastern medicine, I get a free device that will allow me to


Sorry the server was down for most of today, seems the angy god of RAM destruction decided it was time to sacrifice the measley 32MB I had in the server, so I in turn had to sacrifice 32MB outta my personal machine to appease it, leaving me with a phat 64MB of ram, whoopie! My machine is crawling now, and seeing as RAM is at an all time low, I suppose I'll swoop up 128 or so soon.

Ok, so it was either the angry RAM god, or the Icy Hot Stuntaz got to my shit and crazy blew my shit up wit their mad rhymes! DAMN THEM! I knew all my base are belong to them!

Anywho, I'm kinda upset that the French won the "Who is more gay?" poll. I mean, the British are more gay, the French just suck. Get it together people.

And now, in the imortal words of Mr.Fix: "that is all."


Category: Misc
Tuesday, May 1st, 2001 @ 07:26 pm
Posted By Brent
      Gather round kiddies, its time for the semi-{insert whatever unit of time} pr0n post!

      Now, those that know me, and those that have pressed charges know that I don't like just any kind of pr0n; It needs to have a certain asthetic beauty to it to make it on here. You can keep your big fake tit pictures (not that I have an aversion to fake breasts, just keep 'em under the legal limit and don't be bitchy about playful squeezes), or your cover girl looking like a proped up corpse. Its gotta have a certain style to it to attract my attention, either that or just be plain weird. Everybody who's hung out here a bit knows the rundown: usually lesbians, latex or chains never hurt, futuristic sets are a plus, body paint rox, anything that doesn't include a guy making a face that looks like his nuts are getting lopped off in a bear trap, etc...

      In other news, you've probably noticed that Mr.Fix is now on the staff here (and either the site he's hosting those pics on are down, or he deleted them[UPDATE: Its seems that the host he's using is down]), and Miss A has just finished her application period (pictures of which, I'll post later...) so expect something outta her in the coming hours/days/whatever. There's that and there's Ian who just got back home from here, so he should be doing some sort of 'gee golly, I had a swell time in back home in New Orleans' sort of post soon too.

      Well, the ramble meter hasn't maxed out yet, but before I pass it over to the pr0n for the rest of this episode, I wanted to share something I found. Now you may make fun of me for never having seen this, but I haven't seen a music video in probably over a year. Anyway, I was checking my hitlogs and saw that someone had hit me from google after doing a search for Bjork and Robots or someshit, so I check out where the search takes you and BLAMO! I find what must be one of the phreakiest videos know to man, take a gander: [Clip1] and [Clip2]. Kinda looks like pr0n, only cooler (and I suppose since I'm whoring their link, the site those videos are coming from is www.aviduniverse.com, I think its some kind of puter-animation site, pretty cool stuff there, too [hehe, I said poot]).

Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy -=- Gypsy


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