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Category: Misc
Saturday, January 13th, 2001 @ 06:26 pm
i seem to have missed this when it first got up on dork headquarters.
now, i mean really. yep. it's bad that that got found and all. but did the person writing the article have to practically spell out the how-to's and explain how "easy" it is to make?
on second thought, screw that. i just remembered that i don't like any of you anyway.





Category: Misc
Saturday, January 13th, 2001 @ 12:34 am
Posted By Brent
Well, since everyone's talking about it, I figured I'd do a post about 'it'. If you know about 'it' already, then you can view this as a nice tidy place with a couple of news links to stories about 'it'. If you don't, then, I don't know how to explain this with as mush apprehension and suspense as I felt the first time I read about 'it', so I won't try.

'It', or codenamed 'Ginger', is an invention created by a man named Dean Kamen, the inventor of the iBot, a crazy gyroscope driven, autobalancing (on two wheels!) sort of wheelchair replacement. If you haven't read about it, go here and be sure to check out the video on the site, its not Jetson's aged, but when the fucking thing stands up, well, you just have to see it.

Anywho, this 'it', has investors and tech industry moguls scrambling to get a piece of the pie seeming as it has been touted as being 'more revolutionary that the P.C.", to kinda paraphrase quote, I'm too lazy to look up the exact quote. That, and that it will have the world running around trying to retro-fit cities and campuses and other public places to suit it better.

The only thing said about it is that it isn't a medical invention (something Kamen has been famous for in the past), and it will be an "alternative to products that are dirty, expensive, and frustrating, especially for people in the cities."

The only thing that clicking kinda funny like in my head is the fact that if he going to try to sell this thing exclusively, and of course he is, otherwise investors wouldn't waste their time with it, he's had to have patented it. And since patent records are free to anyone who wants them, there must be some hanky-panky going on with the patent if the news investigators haven't picked up on it yet. My guess is they will, and before the projected 2002 unveiling, its just a matter of time.

So what could it be? My guess is on some sort of personal transportation device sharing similarities to the iBot's balancing design, but like I said, thats my GUESS.

Here are some news strories about 'it':

ABC News
The obligitory Slashdot blurb, and following user commentary


Category: Misc
Friday, January 12th, 2001 @ 11:56 pm
sorry i haven't been posting much lately. been thinking about the future alot and as a result i've been in kind of a not-feeling-too-communicative mode. i like thinking about the future when the subject is flying motorcycles and me having magically acquired ridiculous wealth so i can do what i want and own several of said flying motorcycles. the future in regards to what i'm going to be doing for a living and where i'm going to be storing all my stuff and showering in the very near future is scary scary scary ass shit so i'm a little withdrawn.
now as far as why little xerxes7 hasn't been posting- suffice it to say that between the balls of crumpled up paper littering the kitchen and the number of "pksh! pksh! pksh!" sounds that i've been hearing, he's probably working on something that will make his friends at the rec center envious. now if we could just find a way to cure the kid's insomnia...
anyway, on with the meat of the post. in a previous post i took a little time to describe an event of little or no relevance to anyone outside of me and since i figure that's what 79% of e/n is all about anyway, i'm going to do it again. but this time it's a dream i had last night.

okay, basically the point i start remembering this dream at leaves me with the knowledge that i'm in a band. we're all set up to play a show in a really small place. for those of you in the mighty n.o., kinda like jimmy's, but maybe half the size. so we're all ready and shit but we notice nobody's there. no problem, we're a little rock band, so we little rock out. somewhere in the process of me rocking the bass action, i notice the amp end of my line is lying a few feet away from me, not plugged in. i stop playing and go to plug myself back in when the powers that be cue up the weird shift in reality that makes dreams so goddamned magical.
i'm heading towards where my amp should be and i don't see my amp. instead i see a sort of hallway through the backstage that has all of our signal lines going through it so i follow it, figuring that must be where i'm supposed to plug my shit in as well. i come out of the other end of the hall and find i'm on another stage where i find a couch with our leading stars for the night sitting on it.


for those of you wondering, these people are timothy hutton and julia stiles. why they were playing characters in my dream is beyond me. like i said, goddamned magical dreams- right?
so anyway, a timothy hutton in his early 20's is sitting on this couch with julia stiles and they're looking at me expectantly. i just try to ignore them and start looking for someplace to plug in when julia adopts this bitchy tone and asks what the hell i'm doing. i try explaining that i need to plug my bass back in and she says something about how my bad-ass band isn't all that professional if we can't even keep our shit connected and that we generally need to suck less anyway because people aren't being impressed. so i look out off stage and see there's people- artsy-fartsy-bisexual-crowd "cool" people- sitting around in chairs and leaning against walls and i look back at the stage and see these two clowns and i realize my cool band isn't the entertainment here. THEY are. somehow my band is just kind of something for them to base their act on. but i don't get what their act would be. they're looking pretty settled on that couch so they're not dancing and this isn't really looking like an orgy scene.
that's when timothy opens his mouth and it all settles in. he starts talking and people get really damned attentive. and what he's talking is the most pretentious jim-morrison-from-art-fag-hell high school shit you've ever heard. and the crowd's totally into it. julia tells him that was really great and special then gives me a shitty look and tells me i'd better plug in and get to playing. no fucking way i'm doing my shit solo when the rest of the band is on the other stage and besides i don't know who i'm supposed to play to- the couchtards or the audience twerps. so then timothy hutton pops out some shit like "who wants to hear my latest poem?" and i roll my eyes and figure i should do something about my own situation. he starts babbling and i decide that the best way i can accompany his ass talk is to put both hands to my mouth and make fart sounds because they're about as deep and beautiful as his drivel. then he shuts up and looks at me all surprised and she starts to lay in with this whining ragstream about how i'm too ignorant to appreciate the genius i'm in the presence of and then i get so fucking outraged at the situation that i wake up.

which is probably about the point that you're at right now. next time i'll find some more pictures.


Category: Misc
Friday, January 12th, 2001 @ 08:30 am
Posted By Brent

Well, aren't I just going bonkers with the logos these days?
Just updating to inform you that you if you tried to hit the site yesterday and couldn't reach it, you're not retarded, my connection was down. boo hoo.


Category: Misc
Thursday, January 11th, 2001 @ 05:25 pm
Posted By Brent
Well, the dude may have hooked himself up with a job, gotta watch how things pan out before I make any concrete statements, but it looks like I'm back on the path to financial viability.

On a computer geek note, Microsoft looks like it will now be a unix developer. I thought I would be the first to introduce the irony of this to the world, but after further searching, it looks like Slashdot broke the story already. Oh well.

Where's that story you were working on xerxes? I see no additions, stop laying on my legs.

That's about all for now, here some more porn to keep it real:

B0n3r! - B0n3r! - B0n3r! - B0n3r! - B0n3r! - B0n3r! - B0n3r! - B0n3r! - B0n3r! - B0n3r! - B0n3r! - B0n3r! - B0n3r! - B0n3r! - B0n3r! - B0n3r! -


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