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Category: Misc
Saturday, February 10th, 2001 @ 02:28 am
oookay. been awhile, i know. work schedule's been weirder than usual and i've just kinda been in a mental slump. that, coupled with trying to get xerxes7's site up and trying to think of ways to suggest to glitch13 that he maybe consider the idea of this being a portal sort of thing (i guess i just did that, didn't i?), plus fudging over the how-to's of basic HTML with mister fix and miss a, plus just plain laziness equals... no updates from me in a long long time. so i guess i should get around to amending that and post some stuff now, shouldn't i?

first off, i'd like to throw out a big montucky howdy to girlygirl who now seems to have been blessed with the ability to make her own posts and such. i think it's a great idea for a number of special reasons which i'll share with the likes of y'all (don't say i never gave you folks nuthin').
1. more writers= more to read= more smiles on my face
2. that nun picture is funny
3. that nun picture isn't that picture of the chick with the needles and cords and whatnot going through her
4. porkchops taste good

second off, i'd like to gloat for a bit. this internet's a big big place. (insert long-winded thing i just spent like a half hour trying to rephrase so that it didn't sound so damned stupid. then delete it because it kept sounding really dumb and only served as a wind up for the final delivery of these two beauties.)


basically what you're looking at in those two pics is proof that i exist on the net. now i know that's bound to come off as egotistical and all, but i know you are all as guilty as i am. you sign a guestbook, you can't help but think, "yeah, now total strangers will read what i wrote." you make a little website (referring more to my little attempts from the past then to this streamlined beauty we know as the goodship indistinguishable filth- so don't get pissy on me, glitch13) and you hope in your heart of hearts that it will become popular for whatever reason. so i certainly hope you can all forgive me for throwing up silly little screengrabs of the acceptance of one of my submissions to the mighty portal and comments on one of my rare guestbook signings at some designer's site. it's official- i'm real. like the velveteen goddamned moron, i'm real as the shit in your bowels.

okay, i think that's enough from me for now. i just thought of two big things i want to talk about, but i'll let them sit for a day or two. i'd hate to overpower you fine fine people with the glory that is me after the extended leave of absence i forced you all through.


Category: Misc
Thursday, February 8th, 2001 @ 02:12 am
Posted By girlygirl

      I just thought that this was the funniest picture!
I came across it while serfing the web. I can't remember the name of the site at the moment or I would add a link to it. It might even be on the picture itself. I think most of the pictures (of which there were very few) had the name of the site embedded on them. Prolly incase people like me felt like using them.
Okay, I looked, it's not on the picture.
      But I was looking at sites with contests when I found it. And this site in particular was a captions contest. Some of the captions were funnier than the pictures too.


Category: Misc
Wednesday, February 7th, 2001 @ 02:24 am
Posted By Brent
I remember the first time I ever tasted beer; tasted like complete piss to me. I got used to it in my late teens, and even began to kinda like it, mostly because I associated the taste with staying out late and hanging out with hot chicks in bars and such.

Once I got used to it, I would hear all my friends rave about dark beers like Abita TurboDog and Guinness, so I tried em, and they tasted like thick, dark feces.

Where am I going with this? Well, I'm sitting here at 2:20am on a Monday, damn near five years after the fact, utterly savoring the flavor of the Abita Purple Haze sitting in front of me. Its my last one and its about half empty, so I'm sitting here doing the 'baby-sips' thing trying to make it last until I get tired enough to crash. All my life I was never a big believer in the 'aquired tastes' theory, now I'm sitting here reveling in a flavor that would have sent my mouth into a state of utter disbelief that anyone could enjoy it a few years ago.

Just thought I'd let you all know what was on my mind.


Category: Misc
Monday, February 5th, 2001 @ 04:25 pm
Posted By Brent
I'm sure all five of you are wondering why I haven't updated in a while, so I guess I'll throw up a little something.

This website started out as my first attempt to build a completely dynamic, community driven site outta fun and curiosity. I think I pretty much acheived my goal (although the community is rather small). Its been going good but lately I've been kinda downtrodden due to extenuating circumstances surrounding 3 job possibilities, in which all parties involved have strung me along for near a month now to turn around and drop me back on my ass. In short, I've been fucked. Now, I'm not clinically depressed over it or anything, just really peeved with the whole job hunting thing, and don't understand why people just can't shoot me straight, they have to string me along and feed me all kinds of shit, and multiplying this by three doesn't help my attitude any.

As to how this pertains to the site not being updated, well, the site began as a fun pastime, and now seeming as its all I can do to keep busy, its resembling work more and more each day. As we all know, work is not fun, hence this site is quickly losing its luster.

Now I know I'm not some huge internet portal or anything, but I kinda prided myself on people coming here and getting a chuckler or two out of it all, so don't peg me for having delusions of grandieur, I'm just kinda upset that I can't have fun while contributing to this site.

So, what are you to explect outta this in the day/weeks to come? I'll keep updating, but not at any sort of daily rate I was before, and maybe I'll change the design outta bordem.

Feel free to give a little in the forums, I still check them frequently, even though no one seems to even realize they exist.


Category: Misc
Thursday, February 1st, 2001 @ 07:17 pm
Posted By Brent
What goes with pie: Milk, Milk. What goes with beans: Milk, Milk.

Ahh Vulva Pump, so we meet again!


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