UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity.

-Dennis Ritchie, Coauthor of C
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Category: Misc
Thursday, January 11th, 2001 @ 04:24 am
Posted By Brent

And why did I make this masterpiece? I haven't a clue. If you do, please leave a comment and inform me.
I did learn one thing though, if you mispell Google in your address bar, and accidentally type www.Gogole.com, you end up in a very strange place. Kinda reminds me of looking through a friend's bookshelf, pulling out a book, a fake wall slides aside, revealing a secret Romero Love-Lair. Then again, maybe not.


Category: Misc
Tuesday, January 9th, 2001 @ 11:07 pm
Posted By Brent
I know this is getting kinda stale now, but I just learned about yet another Metallica lawsuit. MyOwnEmail, a free web based email service, lost a law suit by Metallica for offering email address with @MetallicaFan.com. Why'd they sue them? Fuck if I know, I can't even find a story on a news site about it, I learned because my @Antisocial.com is one of their services, and when you log in it has a messages telling people that the @MetallicaFan.com email addresses are going to go kaput in a couple of week due to their losing the case. These fuckers don't even understand the whole idea behind supporting and not alienating your fan base. How is it possible there is anyone else left on this planet that would call themselves a "Metallica Fan"? Do these bastards not have enough money yet? Lawsuit after lawsuit (sued Victoria Secret for chrissakes) just keep piling up and people still listen to these fuck-o's that don't even realize who's putting the food on their plate.

The hitlogs keep showing people hitting the site, yet by looking at the poll results, not everyone's voting. Fucking ingrates.

Oh ya, I added another issue of WTFIT? to the features section, and I have another issue of stories in the works. Who-haa.


Category: Misc
Sunday, January 7th, 2001 @ 03:43 pm
Posted By Brent
The current poll is asking how you got to this site, please answer it even if you're not going to stay, I'm just kinda curious about it.

As for the poll, it has changed once again, this time in only allows a person to vote once for any given poll, so it should be more precise. If you just want to see the results, just hit vote, it will display the result no matter if you didn't select an option, already voted or anything. I think its pretty much fool-proof now.

Also, if you didn't notice, I added a search box to the side panel there. One for Google, and one for searching this site. The search for this page works on a phrase only basis for the time being.

Now, so that I dont lose your attention, heres some more grade-A, bonafide porn for your viewing pleasure:

Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie - Blondie

Well, thats about it for now, check you homos later.


Category: Misc
Sunday, January 7th, 2001 @ 09:16 am
thought i'd start this off by giving props to the amazing mister pants, star of my daily sites and source of so much endless good stuff. seems he got himself an article up at grand royal. you should read it for the following reasons.
1. it's about crazy japanese shit, so that's always good.
2. grand royal always has the fly hookup, being started by the beastie boys.
3. it was written by mister pants.
4. it was edited by she-who-does-not-know-she-will-get-a-transformers-valentine-from-xerxes7... mary chen.
mary chen is pretty cool and actually has stuff worth reading at the sometimes interesting diaryland. see her. read her. love her.

in other news... the further adventures of this past night's adventures on the net involved me running napster for the first time in awhile. jeepers, it still works. and it's even more international than i remember it. within five minutes of one another, a german guy and an italian chick contacted me basically to ask that i please let them grab their songs. (i've never understood that myself. if i'm going to cut you off, asking me not to isn't going to change the fact that i can be an asshole from time to time.) now trying to find a middle ground between two people who only have a slippery grasp of one another's languages is tricky as it is. especially when it's chat and you're not free to make goofy hand gestures and talk louder and slower so that those crazy foreigners can understand the language that god in heaven put in our mouths. when you're trying to work such a miracle with two different parties who are speaking two entirely different languages... well, let's just say it takes a genius the likes of me to get that shit done. and boy did i! both the german and the italian got their entire songs and we all agreed that we couldn't understand one another for fuck-all. (as i type this, i see that there is somebody by the name of puphdamajikdragun grabbing a song from me. he just got his shit cut off because i can be an asshole from time to time.)

what else what else what else???
oh. since i got the cable modem whiz-daddy, i've been playing with newsgroups. and i think i may actually be involved in what could be the beginning of a flame war. yay for me. for any of you inclined to see me holding down turf that might make glitch13 proud of me, head over to rec.music.video and check the thread entitled "Why no music videos?..." which- weirdly enough- was started by someone in metairie. why does everything come around and bite me on the ass so hard?

i'm trying to think of something else to share, but i'm at a loss right now. i'll prolly just come back later and add it.

i know it could just be me, but as i've been working on this, i've occasionally glanced up at that damned cam pic and something's driving me nuts. i know that what i'm actually seeing is what looks like the side of a monitor sitting on that couch. but for the life of me, it looks like ol' mister glitch is holding his left hand out to the side with his fingers extended outward and his thumb pointing straight up.
and i think it's driving me insane.


Category: Misc
Saturday, January 6th, 2001 @ 12:35 pm
Posted By Brent
Well, I've changed the 'Stories' link on the left there to 'Features', due to the arrival of my first feature (which I'm hoping to update often [and of course, my first besides the stories]):

So peruse it, and drop me a comment telling me what cha think. I'm missing the Saint's playoff game, so I'm Audi 5 baby.


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