It is more dangerous that even a guilty person should be punished without the forms of law than that he should escape.

-Thomas Jefferson
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Category: Misc
Wednesday, December 20th, 2000 @ 08:46 pm
Posted By Brent
Why haven't any of you fucko's bought me a spider monkey yet? I promise I'll take good care of him, and if he happens to die, be assured I will do all that I can in the name of science to figure out what goes on inside of them.

Anywho, I've been thinking lately. I can't seem to figure out my unique view (I was told we were all supposed to have one) on where this heap of blood and vomit we call the Internet, and whether it will do us any good in the end. Granted, I'm not nay-saying the whole thing, nor am I saying it will bring about the destruction of man.

I'm sure the television, in its infancy, was touted for all its redeeming qualities of bringing multimedia (hrmph!) to the home and making it possible to be entertained and educated in ways that had not been possible before. Look at what it is now. A box that most people's lives revolve around, sitting in front of it, getting fat, wondering who, out of the stinky old guy and the butt puncher that likes to run around naked, will get voted off the island this time. Has this really gotten us anywhere?

Enter the Internet. Now, its quite possible I'm looking forward to a pretty rewarding career in this new medium. When I think about it, it makes me pretty excited to be involved in such a dynamic and limitless technology. I can't help but wonder if the novelty of it all has worn off yet. What if, even after the dot com crash, it still hasn't? No matter how many companies go under, there are still quite a few that are doing well or all this wouldn't be here. Just what happens if all of this ends tomorrow, and the internet just becomes a new way for people to mindlessly burn off excess hours of their life (not that it isn't for me already)?

I really never banked on the Internet to replace your good ole' fashioned dime store, I just wanted an easier means of information. You read an interesting book, you could go look up information on the author. You get diagnosed with terminal anal cancer, you can look up what options doctors around the world are giving people in your situation. Things of that nature which don't include a 23 year old college drop out getting 2 billion in venture capitol to start e-Fart.com, your virtual fart headquarters.

Now, I know all of what I mentioned does exist, for the most part, but where did all this other shit come from? Is there any reason we need four different sites to buy pet supplies online? Who in the fuck would even want to buy pet supplies online? (On more of a personal level, who the fuck would even want a pet?)

But I digress, the point was I'm excited about getting involved in a technology that I have little faith in. I still get enveloped in a need to further my knowledge in different facets of it and get excited about working with different things, but when I step back and take it all in, it smells like one big shit burger.

I still love this stuff, and work on this site out of sheer enjoyment, despite for 4 hits a day I get.

Oh yea, if you have a good sense of humor and extreme patience to read 100 panels of comic genius per issue, go check out LeisureTown.


Category: Misc
Monday, December 18th, 2000 @ 06:26 pm
Posted By Brent
So, while parusing around on DotCult, I saw a little blurb about a Japanese movie called Battle Royale about some high school delinquents who get shipped to some island to fight it out with guns and stuff. It's the kinda movie people would protest in America, so it must be cool. You can check out the trailer on the site or just view it here.

Well, Christmas is almost upon us, so I have a nutty idea, why don't you jack asses buy me something. Not that I expect anyone to, or for that matter buy me a DVD when I dont have a DVD player. They don't have spider monkeys at Amazon, so you'll just have to special order that from somewhere else.

A couple months ago, Jason bought a Jesus night-light, and while he was showing it to everybody, I commented on how it looked like a Jesus dildo (due to its highly phallic shape). Well, lo and behold, I ran across a site that actually sells such blashphemy, and to top it all off, in the 'about us' section, its says this guy got the idea while looking at a jesus night-light! WTF?!? I think my house is bugged cause everyones getting all my cool ideas.

Oh ya, don't sue me, that pic came from GameSpy.com.


BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!
Category: Misc
Sunday, December 17th, 2000 @ 04:31 am
Posted By xerxes7
okay, i promised that i would put a picture of one of my girlfriends up every time i came on here to tell a story, so i will do that real fast.

this is a picture of nicola willoughby who is from asstraila or something. she lives far away so i can't see her too much. besides, she has yellow hair so she is not my favorite. but still she is fun so don't tell her i said that. please!

now, for the big big news.

last night we had a christmas party. i did not want to because i am trying to be good so i can get a prize but mister fix and miss a said we have to because if we drink more than a bottle a day and it is not a party then that means it is a problem so we had to have a party so it would not be a problem. so we had a party and some friends came over.

but that is not news. that is what teacher called the prefiss. so some friends came over and our good friend bilza was there and he was drinking and drinking and we definitely did not have a problem because it was a party so it was okay and then the biggest surprise ever happened. it was a christmas party so santa himself showed up!!! he said i was being good and i might get a prize but that bilza was being very bad. here is the picture miss a took of santa fussing at bilza.

i wish miss a's camera would not have run out of batteries because right after that bilza broke a bottle over santa's head and there was wet stuff everywhere. some was whiskey and some was this red stuff from santa and it was almost the same color as his clothes.

we had to move santa to the basement so we could keep having the party. when i woke up this morning there was a funny smell coming out of the heater hole in the wall. and it smelled really funny in the kitchen. and it smelled really really funny in the basement. the smell was coming from sleeping santa. the cats and the dog tried to wake him up by biting on him, but he would not wake up. and i tried to wake him up by yelling at him but he did not move so i got real worried because i really want a prize for christmas and if santa doesn't get home to make it, i might not get it. so he better wake up soon.

i have to pee now. bye bye.

good news!

i just found out that is is okay if santa does not wake up because now there is someone else who is going to do his job.


Category: Misc
Saturday, December 16th, 2000 @ 01:34 am
Posted By xerxes7
glitch13 is always always putting pictures of girls up so i thought i would, too. so now whenever i write a story for this page i will put up a picture of one of my girlfriends. but today i am putting two.

this is my girlfriend kelli dayton. she is very pretty and she sings good, too. i have a movie with her in it where she sits in a dentist chair and sings and she makes faces so you want to put your mouth on the tv and kiss her. i mean, if you're a sissy and like girls or something.

(but i guess if you do, you should like girls like kelli because she is so fun to look at because she looks like one of those dolls that the indians in new mexico sell in the gas stations. i think they're called kitchen dolls or something like that.)

and this is another girl i like. her name is death and she's very very very very pretty and cool. she's been all over the whole world lots and lots of times and has met lots of people and she can tell cool stories. oh, and she wears a cool necklace like i draw on all of my stuff. and she likes coffee. coffee is soooooooo good, but it's not a girl so i can't say it's my girlfriend.

i think that is all for now, but if i can think of anything else i will write in and say it.

i promise.

oh, i just thought of something else. death likes hotdogs and hotdogs are kind of like corndogs and we all know how good corndogs are. so that's another reason for how cool death is. plus her name. and i guess kelli dayton is cool because of her name because it seems like every time i know a girl named kelli she is cool and pretty.


Category: Misc
Friday, December 15th, 2000 @ 03:52 pm
Posted By Brent
Well, I'm running WindowBlinds now, and I have to say that its pretty fly. Here a quick shot of my desktop so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. Sure, it uses a little processor and memory overhead, but hey, its pretty cool looking so I'm willing to make the trade. You can grab the skin I use, called Darth(as in Vader), along with the coolest skins for WindowBlinds from Dangeruss Industries. This guy makes some cool stuff.

Speaking of processor and memory overhead, the reason the server was down yesterday was because I was working on another maching that I was going to use as a firewall and webserver so I could get this crap off my main machine. I was going to use linux, but the net cards I had in that machine refused to be recognized so I went ahead and threw Win2k on it, and the fucking cards are so old, win2k won't even recognize them. Crap. When I get some good cards I'm still going to use win2k because after thinking about it, I just don't have the brain-bandwidth to work on a linux firewall, keep this site up and maintained in ASP, and undergo the recreation of this site in PHP so I can dump it off onto the linux box. It'll happen, just not soon.

Well, thats it, just wanted to explain why the server was down and to show you the cool windowblinds desktop I have kickin' now. I have some more pics where that pic up there came from, so I guess I'll throw em up for your viewing pleasure...

SheetMetal1- SheetMetal2- SheetMetal3- SheetMetal4- SheetMetal5- SheetMetal6- SheetMetal7- SheetMetal8- SheetMetal9- SheetMetal10- SheetMetal11- SheetMetal12- SheetMetal13- SheetMetal14- SheetMetal15- SheetMetal16- SheetMetal17- SheetMetal18- SheetMetal19- SheetMetal20

John has his top ten best video games list up on his site, so stop by and ridicule him for having Mrs. Pacman on it!


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