An alcoholic is someone you don't like who drinks as much as you do.

-Dylan Thomas
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Category: Misc
Monday, May 23rd, 2005 @ 09:37 pm
Posted By Brent

Today John and I were talking about his lack of cable television and how it impairs his knowledge of pop culture.

"I kind of pride myself on not knowing all this stupid shit," he said.

"Good, I rather enjoy being the pedant when I get to explain these things to you," I retorted, pronouncing pedant like 'pe-d&nt.

One of his eyebrows raised. This was baiting at its best. "I'm pretty sure you mean pedant," he shot back, pronouncing it pa-'dant.

And here's where the video game of my life pauses, and I have two menu options to choose from to continue the conversation:

  • Gallant would tell John that he had always thought it was pronounced that way too, but just recently Scott had corrected him and that he went and looked it up and found that he in fact had been mispronouncing it.
  • Goofus, being the opportunist he is, would stare John in the eye, then thrust out his hand in an intimidating manner and say, "I bet you fifteen fucking bucks I'm right."

I leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out which path I chose.


Category: Misc
Thursday, December 2nd, 2004 @ 11:32 am
Posted By Brent
SVG: Stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. For the uninitiated, this basically means images that are not made up of dots (called pixels), but rather made up of mathematical shapes. The main benefit of this is in resizing; as most of you probably know, if you take a normal image and increase its size by a large enough margin it will get rather assy looking due to the size of the pixels getting larger and more defined. Well, when you dealing with mathematical shapes this isn't a problem, if you enlarge a circle, it's still a circle. This means you can make an image the size of a postage stamp and blow it up to the size of poster without losing any quality.

For a more in depth explanation, try Wikipedia's entry for SVG.

Anyway, from time to time based on need or boredom, I've created a few "neat-o" iconic images using an SVG editor (namely Sodipodi) [EDIT: I've since changed to using Inkscape], and I figured I'd make a page to share them with the world. A couple things to note first: 1) Each one of these images is a link to the actual SVG file. 2) These images are alpha-blended PNGs, and if you're using Internet Explorer they're going to look like ass. For the love of God, download Firefox and start using a browser that has been updated in the past 6 years.

I bought an iPhone. I made a post about said iPhone. I created an svg of the iPhone for said post.
I'd have to say I'm rather proud of this one. I had to do a few hacky things to get that front part of the bun to simultaneously be in front and behind the weiner, but I'd say the finished product is pretty sharp.
N!nt3nd0 4 LiFe!
A handful of these icons were created because an original icon didn't exist, or it did but I wasn't happy with it. This is one of those. Actually I would have been just fine using the stock Steam icon, but I like to use Gnome's icon stretching to enlarge the icons of applications I use more often then others, and Steam's original bitmap icon looked quite assy when enlarged.
I drew a poop.
A wireless access point. Meh, it's ok.
Darwinia is an awesome game. If you haven't played it you have very little excuse seeming as it's available on pretty much everly platform that exists. It was made by Introversion, an indy game house, and they deserve your money for making awesome crossplatform indy games. Also, if you have the means, I highly recommend Uplink as well.
Created for a post about Mayor Ray Nagin's (New Orleans) horribly racist comment, "I don't care what people are saying Uptown or wherever they are. This city will be chocolate at the end of the day... This city will be a majority African-American city. It's the way God wants it to be."
A credit card I whipped up for a post celebrating the day I cleared all my debt. Then a hurricane came and destroyed everything I knew and loved and now I'm in debt again. The End.
This is my all purpose icon for making posts about AJAX. It serves its purpose dutifully.
This is the UDCF (United Decepticon/Cobra Forces) insignia. Their alliance, and subsequent battles, are well documented here: The Great GI-Joe - Transformers War of 1988. And no, I did not design it, I just SVGerized it.
Larry the Cow, a "mascot" of sorts for Gentoo Linux. This is the first one I ever made, which is probably fairly obvious. While the line quality is crappy, one must keep in mind that that's pretty much the style the original was done in.
This is the Gentoo Linux logo. This is the second SVG graphic I've ever done and I'm rather proud of the fact that it was only my second endeavor and it's pretty much the most complicated one [Ed: was the most complicated]. I basically did this one to learn how to use gradients.
Once I had the basics down, I began this rolling with this "booze icon" theme. Don't really know why. Oh wait, I do. Because I totally love booze. This is probably my favorite one by far.
Continuation of the booze theme. I really dig this one too.
A little more complicated, and hard to pin down an "iconic" look for a beer bottle, but I'm rather proud of this one.
Was getting kind of burned out on the booze theme, this one's quality shows it.
I cranked this one out because John needed a logo for a post on his site about how he had donated to the EFF. I went ahead and did it beacuse it was pretty simple, geometrically speaking, although it looks like they've changed the logo's color scheme since then. I'm sure it's copyrighted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation or something, I'm not claiming I designed it.
If you visit my site (which you are doing right now) you'll probably recognize this image as the icon for the Peanut Gallery on the front page. Created explicitly for this purpose.
Back when I had the per-post comments disabled, I created this to be an icon place holder directly to each post. I ended up not liking the way it looked when shrunk down that far, so I just ditched it altogether.
This is what's pretty cool about doing this kind of stuff, I needed an image for a post on my site and I couldn't find one on the net that was really what I was going for so I just made one. Pretty good one too.
A scale. Same thing. Needed it. Made it.
A cigarette. Same thing. Needed it. Made it. Not too happy with the smoke, maybe I'll redo it.
I did this one for my archive section so I could divide it up by post topic.
This one I made for a post about Christmas shopping
PS: I guess I'll GPL 'em. If you use 'em, gimme credit. If you change 'em, make the changes public. That is all.


Category: Misc
Friday, May 28th, 2004 @ 02:30 pm
Posted By Brent
Well, as some of you may have noticed, I pseudo-replaced the commenting system. Up above the news posts, or "news" posts as one astute reader called them, you'll see the latest post in what I have come to affectionately (and insultingly) refer to as the "Peanut Gallery" (praise be to my little lady for suggesting the name). If the latest post is longer that a couple hundred characters, it will just show those first couple hundred characters as to avoid someone fucking my shit (as it seems most of you are wont to do) by posting an entire goddamned book up there and pushing my genius forrsight and literary flourishes off to the nether reaches of people's web browsers.

If you click on the Peanut Gallery icon (wittily designed as a peanut in a picture frame, ha!) up top next to the latest post, you will be brought to the last 15 posts with the ability to page through the past ones in descending order by date. The entire layout and posting process is identical to the commenting system's, so nobody should be lost.

Let the shitstorm begin.


Category: Misc
Saturday, March 22nd, 2003 @ 12:59 pm
Posted By Brent
Just wanted to pop on in and drop of a few little brown mounds of wisdom.

1) DR01D (aka Jason) has redesigned his site, and I must say its looking rather schnazzy. He's got commenting and all that good schtuff, so be sure to drop by and make fun of him or something. Although, you could use some style sheet action on those form elements, they're looking, oh, how do you say, assy?

B) I got my LUNIX machine back up (now I am less of a faygot). It has prompted me to discover one thing about my site I didn't know: in Konqueror (KDE's default web browser), my site looks like spit-fired ass.

III) I feel kinda dumb for posting this, seeming as foo all ready did some number of days ago (and after he actually attended a show thereof). Bob Log III. My god. Be sure to (and I mean EXTRA sure) to visit the video page to witness my new religion: Boob Scotch. My pants are now warm and wet.

4.2) Is this goddamned crayfish burl happening or what?


Category: Misc
Thursday, December 26th, 2002 @ 01:34 am
okay, so i'm late. trust, if you could see what i had in mind to balance out the eternity of two girls making you'd thank me. not that there's anything wrong with pretty girls kissing, it's just that time goes on you know.
anyway, so i figured i'd do a drunken x-mas post and give a couple short gifts. and i needed a christmas tree graphic. so i google it up.

and not that there's anything wrong with that.
but the very next picture ruled so much more. i'm not sure why it came up, but it's got ponderous gear in it and that's good enough for the likes of me.

anyway, so on to the gift.
the small gift.
since i don't know how long cox will hold out, i'm leaving these links good for 24 hours or thereabouts. these are the first two red beans and christ recordings to be made widely available. those of you who've heard worms or have heard me sing (like at the christmas party) will know that it's not me at the mic. that's because i'm checking up on my long-expired keyboard skills on the ol' casio mt-100. you can always try grabbing this stuff from me on winMX or hell maybe if anyone here grabs it and uses whatever the hell else anyone here uses. but here's your direct chance to grab it straight from the source and not deal with incomplete files or getting cued up. (sp, i'm sure.) so without further ado...
death stroll
let this one ride


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